Monday, December 15, 2008

My very first OFFICIAL blog? =D

Assalamualaikum wbt =)

Hoho here I am a newbie to!! I could not say that this would be the first time ever I have written a blog or had a blog-site (or whatever you call it) because I had myspace and friendster blogs, but they weren't that updated and interesting =)

I wish to share not only my personal stories or life here, but on stories or opinions or interesting facts in life that I could find as well! =)

Furthermore, I would also like to write stories or ideas that I am not able to complete them in my comics~ Yup, I draw comics and stuff, but they are definitely a slow process as drawing takes time!! XD I hope by blogging them here instead (I will include some pictures as well, don't worry! So it wouldn't be that boring XD) I will be able to complete them faster and be able to get feedbacks from my friends =)

Till then, I hope you will enjoy future posts from me! =)
(Oh I'm still new at this, so feel free to give any advice or criticism to me XD I am all ears!)

Iliani =3