Thursday, September 26, 2013

Giving Pears

After watching this video, it inspired me to somehow give a little bit more than just money.

There is always this one old man who is blind who roams around the streets of this small town of Kamunting. The last time I did offer him a small amount of donation. However, I just came out of a fruit shop and saw him again. Inspired by the video, I gave him some money and also one out of the three pears that I have bought.

When I offered him the pear, I gave salam and called him 'pakcik'. But to my surprise, I found out that he was also deaf. So I tried to simply put the pear in his hands. He was a little bit startled when something was in his hands, but almost immediately moaned loudly. I quickly left him and went back to my car.

Almost had tears in my eyes. Who would have expected that such a simple pear could leave a person moaning in surprise and appreciation.

The next time I saw him, I gave donation and pears again. But this time, I tried to stay to hear what he says (in hopes that he could speak and that I don't break down and cry) and I heard him say after a long moan; 'Alhamdulillaaah!'

Oh pakcik why you make me so sad :'(

Got me thinking though that since he is quite elderly, maybe I should give him softer fruits like bananas.

Insya-Allah, will continue to give more as much as I can while I am still alive. Hoping for nothing more than the pakcik to be happy and blessings from Allah :')

Assalamualaikum :)