Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quran Explorer

Assalamualaikum =)

Here is a website shared from a friend of mine which is very very very beneficial for everyone! =D

It is an online Quran, complete with it's translation! You are also able to hear the recitation of the Quran, as well as the reading of the translation or BOTH if you wish =)
There is also a hadith online provided, where hadiths from Muslim, Bukhari and many more are available to you on the web!

Please do feel free to have a look at the website, as everything is indeed FREE! =)

I personally really like the website, especially when I am bored with hearing songs from itunes, and I wanted to hear recitation from the Quran~ and this website is perfect! Plus, the reciters have such beautiful voices =))

Please do share this website with your family and friends! =)

Friday, October 23, 2009

My rings, my bags..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. =)

Let's continue with the title of this blog, shall we? stuffed toys, my drawing books, my keychains, my accessories, my PSP, ipod touch..

Adoi byk plak kn, tak abis2 nnt list ni XD

Well, you might have figured out already what the list above implies to me.
Yup2, those are the things that I really like, or somewhat the things you can say that are my favs or considered 'important' to me.

Hehe, since this would be another 'seriuos' blog that I will post, let's make this one more interactive! =D
Go on, take a paper or open up Microsoft word, and list down all the important Things to you in your life =)

I'll give u a minute or two.. Take your time aite? =)

*all u have to do is actually scroll down once u're down haha adoi*





























Okie, da abis da? =)

Alright, let's go through your list, shall we?

Since I do not have any telephatic powers or such, here are a few questions for you to answer based on your list XD :

How many things that you have listed down are alive? How many are of non-living items? (you don't have to count them out, just take note of them XD)

Of the many living things, are they your friends, family, loved ones or pets?

Of the non-living items, are they something that you use daily? Something so convenient to you that you can't live without?


You may have noticed that the things that I listed above~ are indeed just Things. The non-living ones. Harta Dunia.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you have indeed listed your loved ones and families or friends =) *buk3

Alhamdulillah, if you had even listed Allah or Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. or both in your list. =)

If you had listed a few non-living items that are important to you~ laptop, handphone, backpack, wallet, $$ etc etc, fear not I will not hit you with anything for listing them XD
But let's review them, shall we? =)

Out of the non-living items that you have listed..
What would you do if one day, it goes missing or someone stole it?

Would you be really2 upset?
or would you be... aAAaaaaa takleh hidup la klu tak jumpa!!

Would you throw a tantrum or brush off all your friends that day because you simply could not find it anywhere?

If your answer is that you'll be a little bit upset, then that is fine.
If your answer is yes yes yes I will be very very upset!! Mahal tu beli laptop pastu rosak tibe2...

.. =)

You might already be able to figure out the main point of this blog by now.
Cinta pada harta dunia. The love for worldly things.

I am not trying to imply that I am 1000000% tak suke langsung to any worldly things, or not dependent on them at times. Yes, I might be upset if my laptop tibe2 rosak and I can't do any assignments if I could not connect to the internet at all.

However, I do try to reduce my dependency and love for them.

There was this one incident, that made me realize this very important point in our lives.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed my family with more than enough rezeki. Whatever we would want, we are able to get.
Alhamdulillah, ini adalah rezeki Allah.
Even so, alhamdulillah once again, my siblings and I do not misuse this great gift of Him.

We do not glamorize ourselves. We do not show off the extra things that we are able to get from His blessings to others. We do not suppress the poor simply because they had lesser rezeki than we did.

To be frank, my siblings and I are actually quite kedekot (kedekot bertempat) and yes, we do go OMG MAHAL GILA when we see a branded shirt, which has only like 3 lines of pattern and tagged at RM80++++
We do go OMG to branded watches of 100+, shoes, handbags that could even reach 500+++
And yes, we do have our moments of;

Wah cantiknya this baju!
*flips price tag*
Jom carik baju laen!!!


Alhamdulillah, I am very glad that my siblings and I, despite being able to be spendthrift and live a luxurious life with our more-than-enough rezeki, we do not do so.
In fact, we do go for buy 1 free 1 stuffs~ OMG murahnya jom beli!! XD

Even so, we sometimes do not realize that we are attached to certain worldly things. As the saying always goes, you will only realize the value of something or someone, when you lose it or him or her.

I had this gameboy color back in the days, and I really liked it. (maen game mana tak suke kn? XD)

But somehow, I left it in the backpocket of the carseat. I think I forgot to take it out when we went somewhere, and had left it there for a few weeks as school was going on and I did not have the time to play it.

One day, that very car of my father's was almost stolen by some carjacker. My father parked the car (note that it was a Proton Saga, not a fancy2 car) at the parking lot for Friday's prayers, and when he got back to the car, his briefcase was missing.

*couldn't find a blue proton saga, but it was this shape XD

Thankfully his briefcase that he left in the car only had unimportant documents. No money or important items. But since the housekeys were in the briefcase, my father had to change the locks in our home.
I couldn't remember whether the car had a broken window or such, but it was obviously broken in by someone, and thankfully, due to a lock at the pedal and steering wheel, the thief was not able to steal the car.

My father got back and told us about the incident, changing the house lock and all.

Then something struck me.

My Gameboy! Could it be..

I went into the car to check the backseat pocket.
And yup, it was gone.
Sempat plak dia nak curik gameboy!! XD
Well I guess since he couldn't steal the car, he ransacked the car for anything that he could find. Cisss pencurik! XD

From that very incident, I realized on how upset I was when I noticed it was gone.
However, I wasn't even really playing it everyday before it was stolen.
So how could I be so upset despite my frequency of using the item?
Imagine what it would be like, if I actually lost something that I really really used everyday and needed so desperately.

Another good example of something I value very much; my drawings. I used to get really really upset when I was drawing something with so much commitment and care, when my sister would simply push my hand with the pen and ssiiiiiikkk~ there goes my drawing! (arghhhhh!!!!!! XD)

I would either cry or get into a fight with my sister.

How ignorant I was back then.
Drawings.. As well as other worldly things, are indeed just things.
Is my sister so much less important that I am willing to scold her for ruining a sheet of paper with just a cartoon drawn over it with ink?

My papers and books of comics and drawings also made me realize..

If you would just grab them all and throw them into a burning fire,..
That's it.
They will be gone. Just like that.

Hours and hours of effort, years of drawing..
They could all be destroyed in an instant.

I guess my mother really knows that I like rings, the cheap ones; stainless steel XD
Even so, whenever one would go missing, I would search for it frantically.

Senang betul cincin sebegitu untuk hilang. Despite it's cheap value (compared to gold or diamond rings XD), I still searched high and low whenever one goes missing.

From both the incident, and my long poundering of all my worldly things.. On how easily they could be gone, either stolen, burned, dikoyakkan, or simply goes missing as you might have misplace it somewhere or tercicir tengah2 jalan,..

Why should I be so upset on things that could go missing or be destroyed so easily?
I should love what is more important.
In this sense.. Our family, our friends, our brothers and sisters, including all muslims and the non-muslims. Humankind.

And what matters the most, the love for what is PERMANENT and could never be destroyed, will never go missing no matter how many times you forget them.

Allah S.W.T.
His prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Why not love Him.. For He will never let us down by going missing, though we may not see him with our eyes.
If we believe that wind exists thought we could not see it, what makes Allah any different? What more He is the creator of that very wind.

Yes, he might give us Tests during our lifetime. But they are only to make us improve ourselves, be a better human being, be stronger, be more patient. He wants to see what we will do under these circumstances. Will we BLAME Him for our mishap, or seek his help with faith and making an effort to overcome the challenges?

Allah itu Maha Pemurah, dan Maha Penyayang..

Yes, He is capable of being angry at all the sinners and he could destroy them in an instant. BUT! His LOVE for all His creations is more than his anger. He could push aside his anger today, for His Great LOVE to you.
He still blesses you with his rezeki. He is still making your heart pump blood, your immune system work, your sanity, your eyes, hands, legs...

Why would they still work if He does not love you anymore?

Allahuakbar, betapa besarnya cintaMu ini pada ciptaan2Mu yang kerdil.

I have heard that the Love that we are experiencing here on earth, is only 1/100 of His Great Love.

Hence, I know that it might be impossible to be 100% not to love worldly items. But do try to reduce them =)
It is a normal thing for us to feel upset when we lose something. We are indeed, just human beings.
But have more love for Him than any other =) It will benefit you in so many ways, insya-Allah =)

I myself, get upset when I lose an item or two. But now, I am able to think and look at them in a different perspective..
Takpelah, tu sume harta dunia. Boleh beli baru, or lukis balik. Tak kisah pon =)

Alhamdulillah, I will not be able to come to this state without His permission and guidance.
I am able to see how unimportant wealth could be compared to other more important things, with being blessed with wealth.

I am still constantly praying to not fall in love too much with things that are not permanent~ as I am indeed very forgetful XD
Insya-Allah, you and I will be able to overcome this until the Day of Judgement, together =)

In my personal opinion, even other living things are not permanent as well, though they are indeed much more important than non-living things. Our families, friends and pets will one day return to Him. We are all going to leave this world. The only difference is how and when, which not all of us know, and not all of us will share the same fate.

Hence, I am loving my family and friends, by loving Him.

Everytime I feel very happy to be with my loved ones, I thank Him with all my heart. For I will not be able to feel this beautiful and wonderful love with my loved ones, if He did not create them in the first place. If he did not create me, as well.
If He did not create you, I wonder if the pieces of my heart would have floated away, into the dark deep ocean. Never to come back, nor recover..

Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, hamba ini sangat bersyukur... Let me love the people that you have created and given me, by loving and appreciating You.

I love you, very very much.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

You work in the most mysterious, yet wondrous ways..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I have always known that He would be there to help us whenever we are in need.
I have known that His challenges for us on earth are a sign of His love to us, as well as to test our Faith in Him.
I have just recently know that maybe, all of our sufferings on earth, are simply a way He forgives our past sins.

Dear Allah,
though at times we might not see that Your tests and challenges, no matter how bad they may seem, actually have more good than bad, Wallahualam.

Dear Allah,
sometimes we do not realize that You have actually helped us in our times of need.

The day seemed so gloomy, with many things on my mind.
Everything was good, Alhamdulillah, except for this one thing I have no clue on how to solve.
With spirits laying low, other responsibilities had to be fulfilled.

Facing the 15-inch screen, it was time to complete another tough quiz of organic chem. Past score was 2 out of 5.
Answering the questions had left me with no hope of getting more than another similar score as the past.

4 out of 5.

Dear Allah,
how you work in such mysterious ways, to ease the spirit of one of your humbled, and tiny creation out of all the wonders of the world and space that belongs to You.
Such a small thing could actually raise my spirit miles away. Oh Allah, You are indeed the All-Knowing. I thank you with all my heart.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Al-Quran, A Handsome Friend in the Hereafter

Di dalam sebuah hadis Rasulullah saw bersabda yang bermaksud:

"Pada hari Kiamat nanti, di hadapan Allah swt tidak akan ada syafaat yang mempunyai taraf yang lebih tinggi daripada Al - Quran "

Melalui hadis di atas kita dapat mengetahui bahawa Al - Quran adalah pemberi syafaat yang mana syafaatnya akan diterima Allah. Terdapat satu riwayat menyatakan bahawa "Apabila seseorang itu meninggal dunia dan keluarganya sibuk melakukan upacara pengkebumian, seorang yang kacak akan berdiri di bahagian kepalanya.

Apabila mayat itu dikafankan, orang itu akan datang mendiami antara dadanya dan kain kafan itu. Bila selesai dikebumikan, orang ramai akan pulang ke rumah dan datanglah dua malaikat; Munkar dan Nakir cuba untuk memisahkan orang yang kacak itu supaya mereka dapat membuat pertanyaan mengenai iman orang yang meninggal dunia itu tanpa sebarang gangguan.

Tetapi orang yang kacak itu akan berkata :

"Dia adalah kawanku. Aku tidak akan meninggalkannya berseorangan walau dalam keadaan apa sekali pun. Jalankanlah tugas kamu tetapi aku tidak akan meninggalkannya sehingga aku membawanya masuk ke syurga!"

Selepas itu dia berpaling ke arah mayat sahabatnya dan berkata :

"Akulah Al-Quran yang mana engkau telah membacanya kadang kala dengan suara perlahan dan kadang kala dengan suara yang kuat"."Janganlah engkau bimbang. Selepas pertanyaan Munkar dan Nakir ini, engkau tidak akan berasa dukacita lagi" .Bila pertanyaan selesai, orang yang kacak itu akan mengadakan untuknya satu hamparan sutera yang penuh dengan kasturi
dari malaikat - malaikat dari syurga"

Allah telah menjanjikan Al - Quran sebagai pemberi syafaat terulung dan janji Allah itu adalah benar. Dekatilah Al - Quran dan jadikalah ia teman di dunia dan pemberi syafaat di Akhirat.

*~English version*~

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said:
'When a man dies and his relatives are busy in funeral, there stands an extremely handsome man by his head. When the dead body is shrouded, that man gets in between the shroud and the chest of the deceased.

Thereafter he turns to his dead companion and says, 'I am the Qur'an, which you used to read, sometimes in a loud voice and sometimes in a low voice. Do not worry. After the interrogation of Munkar and Naker, you will have no grief.'

When the interrogation is over, the handsome man arranges for him from Al-Mala'ul A'laa (the angels in Heaven) silk bedding filled with musk.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) said: 'On the Day of Judgement, before Allah, no other Intercessor will have a greater status than the Qur'an, neither a Prophet nor an angel.'

Hence, let us start reading the Qur'an =)

If you have been doing it daily, Alhamdulillah =) Please do continue on your effort =)
If you have not been reading the Qur'an for quite some time, you are more than welcome to read it right now =) It is not too late for you to apply this beneficial daily routine and habit into your busy schedule =)

One page of reading the Qur'an will only take you around 5 minutes. 3 perhaps at most if you are very fluent =)
One page a day would definitely not hurt your busy schedule =)
Alhamdulillah, if you are able to read more than a page a day. This will be Your benefit, and no one else =)

If you still think that you might not be able to have time to read one page of the Qur'an daily, fear not my dear friend. Start with one sentence, if I may propose =)
Insya-Allah, you will be able to increase the amount that you read as time passes by.

Here;s a little encouragement for you to read the Qur'an =D
If you could spend 50 minutes of hearing a lecture in class,
A few hours of nap or sleep,
Perhaps 2 hours daily to eat,
Time for television, games, fun and entertainment,
Hours of studying for exams....

Why not spend just 5 minutes to read the Qur'an? =)

Insya-Allah, our efforts to get closer to Him will not be in vain. He is indeed the All-Mighty and the All-Giving =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Physical Property : Characteristics?

Assalamualaikum =)

My dear friends! Since I have posted blogs on serious issues in this particular blog for quite some time, I thought that I might post something a little bit more enjoyable to read for a change! =)

These are the main points that I have gathered from Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah's show, talking on whether our physical properties actually reflects on our own personality and characteristic =)
:Perawakan Fizikal dan Personaliti

Feel free to watch the video itself:
It only takes about 30 minutes, but trust me, watching it is much more enlightening than reading the main points! =D

~*Ini adalah hasil kajian yang telah dilakukan, hanya untuk dijadikan panduan, bukan 100% tepat, jangan percaya bulat2! Dan ingat, Allah itu Maha Besar =)

1. Wanita yang cantik lebih yakin diri, petah bercakap =)
2. Orang badan bulat: pemurah, penyayang, mudah ketawa, mudah nangis
3. Etomorphology; kurus : jimat, prihatin, berjaga2, kedekot XD
4. Shape bdn mempengaruhi perangai =)
5. rambut berombak: lemah lembut, mudah mengalah, pengasih =)
6. Sayang diri utk sayang org lain!! =)
7. Ada pusar rambut 2 3 4, or tahi lalat kat kepala: akalnya banyak =D
8. Tidak ada org dilahirkan jahat XD
9. Dahi luas, pandai banyak berfikir =)
10. Keluasan dahi tunjuk brapa byk grey matter in the brain (oooooo =D)
11. Tuhan pandang amalan n hati ye kwn2 =)
12. Allah itu cantik, Allah suka yang cantik2 =)
13. Hormon testosterone; bulu kening tebal: pengasih penyayang n cemburu XD
14. Bulu kening nipis: pengasih penyayang tapi tataw tunjuk XD
15. Mata bulat: pengasih penyayang, mudah amik berat
16. Mata sepet: tak tunjuk, pengasih penyayang =D
17. Yakni most Chinese n Japan XD
18. Hindustan itu mata bulat (lagu2, nyanyi2, menari2 expressing love =p)
19. Hidung bengkok: arab: passionate, tunjuk perasaan
20. Hidung kemek: pengasih penyayang, baek, tapi tak pandai tunjukkan XD
21. Hidung tinggi; sombong; tunjuk perasaan XD
22. Bibir tebal seperti Nabi Muhammad SAW: pengasih, peka, cakap penuh hikmah
23. Bibir nipis cakap terus terang, laser skit XD
24. Makin tebal n lembut tapak tangan: pengasih, penyayang n romantic
25. Keras macam papan itu tapak tangan: kurang romantic XD
26. bentok jari: Jari telunjuk lagi tinggi dari jari manis: confident, mudah jadi pemimpin, yakin
27. jari manis lebih tinggi: lemah lembut, tolak ansur =)
28. Kuku panjang2, artistic
29. Kuku pendek2, scientist XD
30. Org muka bulat, yakin
31. Muke tirus :manja2, mengade
32. Carik kawan2 positif =)


Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 years of Solat

Assalamualaikum =)

I have received this as an attachment in my e-mail from a friend of mine~ though it was much nicer in it's original document (got color2 and pictures XD) but I hope everyone of us will still benefit from reading the blog-version of this document =)

*copyright of the original author, copied and paste here! Only added some photos =)*

*for those who want the original copy of the document, just give me your e-mail add =)*

Satu TAHUN ?
12 Bulan
52 Minggu
365 Hari
8760 Jam
525600 Minit
31536000 Detik

Kebanyakan manusia meninggal dunia antara usia 60 thn-70thn (majoriti)

Puratanya manusia meninggal ± 65 th

“Baligh: Start untuk seseorang di perhitungkan amal baik atau buruknya selama hidup di dunia”
Laki-laki Baligh ± 15 tahun
Wanita Baligh ± 12 tahun

Usia Yang ada untuk kita beribadah kepada-Nya, puratanya:

Mati – Baligh = Baki Usia, :~ 65 - 15 = 50 tahun

50 tahun digunakan untuk apa?

50 tahun=
18250 hari=
458000 jam

12 jam siang hari
12 jam malam hari
24 jam satu hari satu malam

Gambaran kasarnya:
Mari kita muhasabah bersama………!

Waktu kita tidur ± 8 jam/hari ;
Dalam 50 tahun waktu yang habis dipakai tidur 18250 hari x 8 jam= 146000 jam= 16 tahun 7 bulan; dibulatkan jadi 17 tahun

Logiknya: Alangkah sayangnya waktu 17 tahun habis di gunakan untuk tidur,

padahal kita akan tertidur dari dunia untuk selamanya……

Waktu aktiviti kita di siang hari ± 12 jam
Dalam 50 tahun waktu yang habis dipakai untuk aktiviti:
18250 hari x 12 jam= 219000 jam = 25 tahun

Aktiviti disiang hari: Ada yang bekerja, atau bercinta, ada yang belajar atau mengajar, ada yang sekolah atau kuliah, ada yang makan sambil jalan-jalan, dan banyak lagi.

Waktu rehat ± 4 jam

Dalam 50 tahun waktu yang dipakai untuk rehat 18250 hari x 4 jam= 73000 jam = 8 tahun

Rehat: menonton tv, atau mungkin dihabiskan termenung di buai khayalan……

17 tahun + 25 tahun + 8 tahun = 50 tahun

Lalu Bila Nak Beribadah???

Padahal Allah ada berfirman yang bermaksud;

“Tidak KUciptakan jin dan manusia melainkan untuk beribadah kepadaKU”.

Maut datang menjemput tak pernah bersahut,
Malaikat datang menuntut untuk merenggut,
Manusia tak kuasa untuk berkata-kata,
Allah Maha Kuasa atas syurga dan Neraka,
Terimalah habuanmu seadanya..


Memang benar!!! Bekerja cari nafkah itu ibadah, tapi bekerja yang bagaimana? Ramai orang bekerja untuk hidup bermewah-mewahan dan amat kurang sedekahnya.

“ Jarang ada yang menolak untuk dipuji dan dipuja tatkala berjaya “

Lalu Bila Nak Beribadah???

Oh! mungkin solat 5 waktu itu dianggap sudah mencukupi…!

Karena kita fikir; solat wajib besar pahalanya, solat amalan pertama yang dihisab, solat jalan untuk membuka pintu syurga…
Benarkah solat kita itu mencukupi dan diterima !!?

Berapa banyak solat kita dalam 50 tahun???

1 solat = ± 10 minit ….. 5x solat = ± 1 jam

Dalam waktu 50 tahun waktu yang terpakai utk solat = 18250 hari x I jam =18250 jam=

2 tahun

Kesimpulan: waktu yang kita manfaatkan dalam 50 tahun di dunia cuma 2 tahun untuk solat ( ini kalau yg solat 10minit! Kalau solat macam ayam patuk tanah..amacam? )

2 tahun dari 50 tahun kesempatan kita….itupun belum tentu solat kita bermakna berpahala dan di terima.

Dan sekiranya pahala solat kita selama 2 tahun tidak sebanding dengan perbuatan dosa-dosa kita selama 50 tahun; dalam percakapan kita yang selalu dusta, baik yang sengaja ataupun tidak, dalam pertuturan kita yang sering mengguris orangtua kita, dalam harta kekayaan kita yang selalu kedekut terhadap orang faqir, dalam setiap perbuatan kita yang selalu bergelumang dosa…


Bukan satu yang mustahil kita umat akhir zaman akan berhamburan di neraka untuk mendapatkan balasan kelalaian…………

Terlalu banyak masa yang terbuang percuma selama manusia hidup di dunia dan semuanya itu akan menjadi bencana…………


Tiada kata terlambat walaupun waktu berlalu cepat, isilah ia dengan sesuatu yang bermanfaat!!!!!!!

Ingatlah negeri kitaAkhirat

Bukan suatu paksaan untuk disebarluaskan..

Saling mengingati sesama bukanlah hal binasa =)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever *Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi *kiut jgak eh hahaha*

Assalamualaikum =)

As the title itself serve, we are gonna be discussing about the quote that I really like from Mahatma Gandhi =)

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

My dear friends!! =D Let's discuss about the second part of this famous quote =)

It says that we should learn, gain knowledge as if we are going to use it for the rest of our lives; which could be an eternity. In other words, it also means that we should thrive our best to gain as much knowledge as we can for the long future ahead of us.

I have heard that the knowledge that we have right now, or are trying to acquire, is only as much as a drop of water from the total knowledge available to us; the sea. (This is from an Islamic source if my memory serves me right. See how rich His knowledge is, and how little we know.)

AND Please!! Do not forget, that knowledge that we should acquire or learn, is NOT NOT NOT 100% from textbooks. Experiences, social and communication skills as well as other hands-on experience and field work are also KNOWLEDGE. Hence, do not assume that those who did not go to school, college or universities are not KNOWLEDGABLE.

You could even see how IGNORANT and irrelevant some students could be. (not everyone, but such people do exist.) And I am also not stating that everyone that did not attend to proper education are brilliant as well. Some might just be the same as the ignorant and irrelevant students of higher education. It all once again, depends on who you choose to be.

This is what happens when we are given the opportunity to gain precious knowledge from higher education and not use them for the right reasons, or not use them at all. (for students)

For those who are not fortunate enough to gain higher education (due to poverty, or many other reasons) please do not lose hope. There are many opportunities for you out there, it is a matter of good you are to see that they are available for you.

Yes, it is definitly easier said than done. I am not implying that the road will be easy once you get the chance to succeed. HARD HARD work is a definite necessity. But, it is never impossible.

Please do not choose the easier path; a work well done is never achieved with ease.
Please do not choose the wrong path; turn back whenever you can if you do.
Please do not wrong those who wronged you; it will be a never ending circle or vengeance.

Please do not BEG. As I have mentioned earlier.. There are opportunities for you out there.

Look for them. Find them. And utilize them as soon as you grab a hold onto them.

The easier path and wrong path: I am referring to theft, drugs, gambling and easy money, or perhaps easy grades or A's for students.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with theft, drugs etc etc. But how about the easy grades?

Of course there are some classes or courses that you are fortunate enough to get a very kind lecturer or TA, where you will certainly gain an A for the class (Alhamdulillah XD) But the method to get easy grades that I do not agree with is cheating.

Sure sure it would be a breeze to copy our senior's past years work. Let's just alter a few words to avoid plagiarism.. The lecturer wouldn't know, he has had too many students to remember the past..

My dear friends, where are your integrity? Di manakah amanah kamu?
Of course no one would know, except for your friends you are working with.

What about Allah? Adakah DIA yang Maha Melihat tidak nampak?

It is definitly a challenge for everyone, when cheating is so easily done without the lecturer noticing. But please, think of the knowledge and credits you would be gaining from cheating.

Higher grades, yes. Gaining our degree, yes. Gaining a good job with our degree, yes. Gaining hard-earned money with our job, yes. Putting food, clothes and shelter for our family with the money we earned, yes.

Can you see how these things are connected?

Imagine the food you are feeding your children in the future. The money we have, the job we have earned.

Ya Allah, adakah semuanya HALAL?

Are everything that I am earning now, HALAL in Your Judgment?

Please my friends..
I'm sure that many have heard that even one vote, could make a HUGE difference. The same applies here. Though we might think these things as small matters, but it could bring such a huge impact.

Imagine bringing up your children, feeding them with rezeki that He does not approve of?

Ya Allah.. Diminta dijauhkan daripada perkara sebegini daripada berlaku..

I have once told my friends here attending the same university as I am after our usrah. Since I forgot to tell them during the usrah itself, I wrote an e-mail later on to my friends XD So I'm sorry guys if you have to read this over once again! =) But a reminder wouldn't hurt aite? =)

The title of the usrah was Small Things Do Matter. (something like that, tak ingat haha)

The most important thing that I would like to conclude is; please do remember that 'they' would try their best to make us choose the wrong choices, do the wrong things.

Of course, many of you might think; I would never MURTAD; which is exit from Islam itself. Alhamdulillah, if many of you know that no matter how bad you are, you will never leace your religion.

Perhaps many of you would even know that you will never ever do those unforgivable sins or dosa-dosa besar; berzina, drinking/minum arak, berjudi/gambling.

Alhamdulillah if you guys do not attend to these sinful acts =)

However. Since 'they' know that 'they' could not influence you to do those horrible sinful acts, they would aim to make you do the little ones; talking bad about people/mengumpat, lying, cursing/mencarut, not preserving our aurat, and many more.

What do we say when we do this small sinful acts? ; Ala dosa skit jek!!

Of course, it is considered 'small' among us.

However, talking bad about people/mengumpat is actually among the unforgivable sins; dosa2 besar! But since we are too accustomed to it, we treat it as nothing.

And do you know how 'small' is 'small', and how 'big' is 'big' for our sins? Of course it is stated in the Qur'an itself some of the sinful acts above are indeed 'big' or unforgivable.

But, are we able to measure them with a scale?

Dosa kecik ke dosa besar, semuanya sama saja; tetap dosa!

Hearing this statement from a guy who gave a talk when I was still back in Malaysia really struck me hard. Sins, no matter how tiny or big they may be, are still sins.

Have we not heard of the famous saying among us Malaysians; sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit?

This is what I meant by being ignorant. We know all of the things above. Dosa kecik, dosa besar, peribahasa BM (wlupon tak terer bm pon akan tau). But have we ever gave a thought for everything that should be taken into account?

That is why, my dear friends, we are all still able to fall into the Fires of Hell.
We do not know, and will never know, until Judgement Day of how much good and bad deeds we have committed. What is worse, we might not realize that the small sins that we may have been doing unconsciously might contribute to our chances of falling down.

Please. Be careful and take good care of yourself. Alhamdulillah, if you are very sure that you will never ever commit the 'huge' sins. But be aware of the 'small' sins as well, as we are more prone to fall for 'their' whisper and influence.

Now!! To the first part of the quote; the second part of this blog haha XD

Maaf2 sgt pjg pulak.. I'll try to make this brief ya =)

I have longg and thought of this part of his quote; Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Whenever we see any movies or dramas, where the hero or heroin knows that they could not live long, they would do everything on their wish list; perhaps do a bungee jump, sky diving, eat a whole pizza, etc etc etc.. And the list goes on =)

If we were to imagine that we were in their shoes instead.. We would most probably do the same. Do whatever that we had longed to do for before our time is up.

In one way or another, this quote is also asking us to 'Live our life to the fullest.'

We may never know exactly when we could die, leave the worldly life and enter the other dimension. Therefore, I truly do support this part of his quote and try to live up to it! =)

However, after some time I realized something.

Yes, it is true that we should live our life to the fullest. That is why I find myself spending more time on happy events, and lesser time on sobering on unfortunate events.

But how about living today as if you were to die tomorrow?

You could try to do everything you longed for today, if you knew that you were gonna die the next day. But, would you do the same if you knew you were not going to die just yet?

For example; you hate your boss. He yells at you at everytime of the day, especially during your break hours. If you knew you were going to die the next day, you might smash a cake into his face and yell at him "I QUIT!!"

However, if you knew you are still going to be alive the next day.. "I'm sorry Boss, I'll do it right away!"

Okay, let's say you DID smash the cake and quit your job. And you are still alive the very next day. Hence starts your search for a new job. How would you ever pay the bills without one?

The same thing goes for the most famous last wish of all; expressing your feelings to the one you had loved all this while.

What would happen if you had expressed your feelings, and you are still here the next day?

Alhamdulillah, if you could get a better job with better pay, and perhaps the person you expressed your feelings to actually feels the same way about you. But, things will never be the same before you do these things.

As everyone knows, actions have consequences.

The only difference is, you will be facing the consequences if you are actually still alive XD


Yes yes we must live our life to the fullest!! =D But if you wish to live as if you were to die tomorrow, be able to face the consequences ;p

Insya-Allah, not all of the consequences will be bad =)

But do think before you leap!!

Assalamualaikum ;)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

99 names of Allah =)

We have always heard of Asma-ulHusna, where it is a song with the 99 names of Allah as it's lyrics. We remember the tune, and I bet most of us have already memorised all 99 names, Alhamdulillah =)

However in my case, I do not exactly remember ALL the names; there are a few that I am not sure how to pronounce whenever I try to sing back the song. What more remember the meaning of each XD

I hope that this could help myself, and anyone else in remembering His 99 names =)

Ar-Rahman -Yang Maha Pemurah
Ar-Rahim -Yang Maha Mengasihi
Al-Malik -Yang Maha Menguasai
Al-Quddus -Yang Maha Suci
Al- Sallam -Yang Maha Selamat Sejahtera
Al-Mu'min -Yang Maha Melimpahkan Keamanan
Al-Muhaimin -Yang Maha Pengawal serta Pengawas
Al-Aziz -Yang Maha Berkuasa
Al-Jabbar -Yang Maha Kuat
Al-Mutakabir -Yang Melengkapi Segala Ke Besarannya
Al-Khaliq -Yang Maha Pencipta
Al-Bari -Yang Maha Menjadikan
Al-Musawwir -Yang Maha Pembentuk
Al-Ghaffar -Yang Maha Pengampun
Al-Qahhar -Yang Maha Perkasa
Al-Wahhab -Yang Maha Penganugerah
Al-Razzaq -Yang Maha Pemberi Rezeki
Al-Fattah -Yang Maha Pembuka
Al-'Alim -Yang Maha Mengetahui
Al-Qabidh -Yang Maha Pengekang
Al-Basit -Yang Maha Melimpah Nikmat
Al-Khafidh -Yang Maha Perendah (Pengurang)
Ar-Rafi' -Yang Maha Peninggi
Al-Mu'izz -Yang Maha Mengasihi dan menghormati (Memuliakan)
Al-Muzill -Yang Maha Menghina
As-Sami' -Yang Maha Mendengar
Al-Basir -Yang Maha Melihat
Al-Hakam -Yang Maha Mengadili
Al-'Adl -Yang Maha 'Adil
Al-Latif -Yang Maha Lembut serta Halus
Al-Khabir -Yang Maha Mengetahui
Al-Halim -Yang Maha Penyabar
Al-'Azim -Yang Maha Agung
Al-Ghafur -Yang Maha Pengampun
Asy-Syakur -Yang Maha Bersyukur
Al-'Aliy -Yang Maha Tinggi serta Mulia
Al-Kabir -Yang Maha Besar
Al-Hafiz -Yang Maha Memelihara
Al-Muqit -Yang Maha Menjaga
Al-Hasib -Yang Maha Penghitung
Al-Jalil -Yang Maha Besar serta Mulia
Al-Karim -Yang Maha Pemurah
Ar-Raqib -Yang Maha Waspada
Al-Mujib -Yang Maha Pengkabul
Al-Wasi' -Yang Maha Luas
Al-Hakim -Yang Maha Bijaksana
Al-Wadud -Yang Maha Penyayang
Al-Majid -Yang Maha Mulia
Al-Ba'ith -Yang Maha Membangkitkan Semula
Asy-Syahid -Yang Maha Menyaksi
Al-Haqq -Yang Maha Benar
Al-Wakil -Yang Maha Pentadbir
Al-Qawiy -Yang Maha Kuat
Al-Matin -Yang Maha Teguh
Al-Waliy -Yang Maha Melindungi
Al-Hamid -Yang Maha Terpuji
Al-Muhsi -Yang Maha Penghitung
Al-Mubdi -Yang Maha Pencipta dari Asal
Al-Mu'id -Yang Maha Mengembali serta Memulihkan
Al-Muhyi -Yang Maha Menghidupkan
Al-Mumit -Yang Mematikan
Al-Hayy -Yang Senantiasa Hidup
Al-Qayyum -Yang Hidup serta Berdiri Sendiri
Al-Wajid -Yang Maha Penemu
Al-Majid -Yang Maha Mulia
Al-Wahid -Yang Maha Esa
Al-Ahad -Yang Tunggal
As-Samad -Yang Menjadi Tumpuan
Al-Qadir -Yang Maha Berupaya
Al-Muqtadir -Yang Maha Berkuasa
Al-Muqaddim -Yang Maha Menyegera
Al-Mu'akhkhir -Yang Maha Penangguh
Al-Awwal -Yang Pertama
Al-Akhir -Yang Akhir
Az-Zahir -Yang Zahir
Al-Batin -Yang Batin
Al-Wali -Yang Wali / Yang Memerintah
Al-Muta'ali -Yang Maha Tinggi serta Mulia
Al-Barr -Yang banyak membuat kebajikan
At-Tawwab -Yang Menerima Taubat
Al-Muntaqim -Yang Menghukum (mereka yang bersalah)
Al-'Afuw -Yang Maha Pengampun
Ar-Ra'uf -Yang Maha Pengasih serta Penyayang
Malik-ul-Mulk -Pemilik Kedaulatan Yang Kekal
Dzul-Jalal-Wal-Ikram -Yang Mempunyai Kebesaran dan Kemuliaan
Al-Muqsit -Yang Maha Saksama
Al-Jami' -Yang Maha Pengumpul
Al-Ghaniy -Yang Maha Kaya serta Serba Lengkap
Al-Mughni -Yang Maha Mengkayakan dan Memakmurkan
Al-Mani' -Yang Maha Pencegah
Al-Darr -Yang Mendatangkan Mudharat
Al-Nafi' -Yang Memberi Manfaat
Al-Nur -Yang bercahaya
Al-Hadi -Yang Memimpin dan Memberi Pertunjuk
Al-Badi' -Yang Maha Pencipta Yang Tiada BandinganNya
Al-Baqi -Yang Maha Kekal
Al-Warith -Yang Maha Mewarisi
Ar-Rasyid -Yang Memimpin (Ke arah Kebenaran)
As-Sabur -Yang Maha Penyabar

Monday, February 2, 2009

Greetings, Farewells, and Prayers =)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatu.

My dear friends,
Have you ever wondered why it is easier for us to say ‘hello’ instead of our much more appropriate approach of ‘Assalamualaikum’?
*pic= just to cheer things up =)*

I myself, must admit that I too at times had difficulty saying the more appropriate to my muslim friends whom I do not usually say so.

I sometimes envy those who could say ‘Assalamualaikum’ much more at ease, even to strangers here in the States. We might say that those are their usual approach (the Arabs) and they are more at ease with it like we are at ease with ‘hello’. But why not take them as an example and try to make a change?

Changes are never easy, but they are not impossible. Take things step by step, and you will be surprised at the results! =)

Have you ever heard about the rumors that say the word ‘bye’, in Arabic actually translates into “fi hafzil baba”, which somewhat means under the blessings of the priest (Christianity). Some had other ideas of the origins of the word ‘bye’ means sort of like under the blessings of God.

At first, I was told that saying the word ‘bye’ is actually a way Christians are trying to conquer Muslims as it means under the blessings of the priest. I then read another person’s opinion regarding this issue, which I think is much more relevant and thoroughly thought through.

One person gave his/her opinion (it was a nickname back there) and said that it’s really up to you if you want to use the word or not. Because in the end, what matters is what YOU yourself think of the word. If you want to think of it as just simply a medium of wishing farewell, then so will it be. But if you want to not use it just because, then so be it.

In my personal opinion, what matters is what You yourself think about it, as He is the All Knowing and Almighty =) He’ll surely know what u are thinking of =)
And anyways, though it may be ‘under’ the blessings of the priest~ their teachings did indeed originated from Jesus/ the Prophet Isa, which is also one of our beloved prophet, isn’t it? So.. Once again, it’s really all up to you! ;)

That is why sometimes you can hear me say tata or see ya instead of bye bye, but after reading that particular person’s opinion, I trust in Our Almighty’s Judgement =)

My dear friends,

Do you remember how many times a day we must do our prayers?

Yes, it is 5 indeed. Glad you guys remembered =) How about the names of each?
Even though the 5 names may differ a little at other parts in the world, like our usual Zohor is called Zuhr here in the States, Asar is Asr, but the basic 5 is still there.

However, do you take care of your 5 times prayers?

Nobody’s perfect. Yes, this is so very true. The person who is almost perfect, or perhaps he is indeed perfect, would be our dear prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. (peace be upon him=pbuh)
However, do you think this will be a good excuse for you to give when we will be questioned by Allah S.W.T., during the day of Judgement, when every human being since Adam and Eve will be on Padang Mahsyar, bare naked?

I did not manage to perform my 5 prayers because.. Nobody’s perfect!
What? My prayers? I can just Qada’ later!

Oh my dear friends, how shameful would that be.

Let me share with you my experience that made me perform the 5 prayers. I never really did my 5 prayers, until when I was about 11 or 12 years old; during standard 5 or 6 when I was in primary school.

As usual, we would have the Pendidikan Islam (religious studies of Islam) lessons every year, learning about prayers to recite during our 5 day prayers, basic rules in Islam perhaps in every aspect.

By the way, have you ever noticed the term Agama that we usually mention to refer to our Islamic studies back in primary school and high school? I just realized that it was weird to name our Islamic studies as Agama casually, as Agama does really mean RELIGION. There are indeed many types of religion present in our world today. Perhaps the name is just simply inappropriate then >.<
Whenever our Ustat or Ustazah (the Islamic teachers) question us about some certain Surah or Doa, either the ones we could read before we sleep, before we eat, or the ones we recite in our prayers, most of us would be scared to death. (I’m not kidding!)
I am indeed impressed with my friends back then who knew all the Surah and Doa, which made me envy them.

Oh how I despite the Doa Qunut/ Kunut, because it was quite a long one and I had a hard time memorizing it. It was sort of like the ‘BONUS’ question from the Ustat or Ustazah; recite for me the Doa Qunut/Kunut!

This Doa is only recited in the first prayer of the day; Subuh. If we did not know this Doa… Well, it is then very obvious that you did not do the first prayer of the day. >.<

My Ustat who questioned us about this Doa, then asked how many of us did not pray for Subuh that day? Many did raise their hand, including me. He then asked about the 5 prayers; again, many raised their hand, not excluding me.

Of course, he then sighed in disappointment, but did not stop there. He then explained;

How many hours do you have a day?
We said 24.
How many minutes is there in an hour?
We said 60.
How many seconds are there in a minute?
We said 60 once again.

He then asked us to multiply those numbers; 24x60= 1440minutes a day. Yup, we did not have to multiply it with seconds, and he gave us a very short yet effective speech that made me do the 5 prayers.

How long does it take for us to perform 1 prayer?
We said around 5.
He then said for average, the young children perhaps performed around 2-3 minutes prayer. (You know how kids tend to read VERY VERY FAST)
Now multiply that by 5.
3x5 = 15 minutes.

He then explained; Allah S.W.T. gave us 1440 minutes a day. Can’t you even spend 15 minutes to remember Him and perform the prayers that He had kindly gave us such light responsibilities, when He does not forget about us for 1440 minutes everyday?

When I think back about his statement now, I think he also meant that Allah S.W.T did not forget about making our heart beat, our cells continue to do its’ functions, our lungs allowing us to make every breath, our blood cells to run through our blood veins, and everything that a human could ever think of, or could NOT possibly think of. Imagine what would happen, if HE forgot to make our heart beat for 3 minutes? Or perhaps 15 minutes a day?

Though he may had made that short statement for that very day, it sure indeed give a huge impact to me, and changed my life at that moment =) (well not literally)
Then I started praying 5 times a day.

Yup, doing something new surely is weird for anyone, anywhere, anytime doing anything at all. But I knew I was doing the right thing, and as time passed by, I was over it in no time =) As I have mentioned before.. Changes are never easy, but they are not impossible! =D

That is all so far for my blog this time =)
(Assignments and exams are crashing onto me like.. like.. Pouring cereal into a bowl when you are very very hungry! XD)

Till then,
Assalamualaikum =)

*My dear sister, btw =)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love~ a short summary =)

Assalamualaikum =)

Indeed, love is very beautiful, wonderful, mesmerizing, but at the same time the most hurtful thing in the world one could experience.

Though this may not be something that everyone hates nor despise, it may be to some. How you feel and experience love is really all up to you. If you wish to see love as something wonderful and a source of happiness, so will it be. However, if you wish to see it otherwise, so will it be as well.

Most of you now will definitely be refuting and stating that ‘of course everyone wishes to see love as something wonderful and everything happy that could possibly relate to it.’ However, you might not be the one who infuses the source of sadness and pain. It could be the other party; your partner, friend or family, who induces this source of sadness. When such things happen, you yourself, voluntarily or not, will then turn to see love as something to be afraid of.

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes ‘the person you love the most is the person you hurt the most.’ I think this is true as it goes both ways. Since you care so much about that person, whatever he or she does (even the tiniest bit) that is actually not a very big deal if others were to do the same thing, would hurt you the most.

For me to summarize love in this small text is both literally and textually impossible (wait, they’re the same aren’t they? XD) Even so, I do believe that He has created everything in pairs; where there is the sky, there is the earth or sea. Life and death, rich and poor, sick and healthy, old and young, guys and girls, light and darkness, patience and impatience, husband and wife, parents and children, tree top and it’s roots, cats and dogs, and the list goes on. You could even see pairs in yourself; your right and left hand, legs, ears, eyes, nose (the nostrils hehe) and even your brain (left and right side). The only things that do not have it’s pairs are your mouth and your heart. In one way or another, we are also destined to have a partner in this world.

According to an authentic hadith, Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs. (though it is not stated in the Qur'an);

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Treat women kindly. Woman has been created from a rib and the most bent part of the rib is the uppermost. If you try to turn it straight, you will break it. And if you leave it alone, it will remain bent as it is. So treat women kindly.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Some had stated that since Eve was made from Adam, women (this is a general statement) must then obey men as we are made from men. This statement is definitely irrevelant to me. I have heard a very interesting counter statement which is much more relevant and just in this world; Eve was made from Adam's rib for a reason. She wasn't made from his foot, nor from his head. She was made from the rib, as it is near the heart, and she was meant to be beside Adam, not above nor below. (this is nice, isn't it?)

Well, back to the pairing stuffs! Some said that if we had two mouths instead of one, it would be a catastrophe (we talk of nonsense much much more) and have you ever wondered why we only have one heart? Could it possibly be that the other belongs to our partner?

Well, even I could not say whether or not this is true, but I did forget to mention; love and hatred. One could not possibly exist without the other; therefore if you wish for one, you must be prepared to face the other!

It might not be easy at times, but I am sure the reward will be more than what you expect, insya-Allah =)

And do not forget, if you never tell your feelings for someone, he or she may never know. Yes, it is very true that actions speak louder than words, but nothing beats the most powerful sentence of all; I love you =)