Sunday, January 4, 2009

Love~ a short summary =)

Assalamualaikum =)

Indeed, love is very beautiful, wonderful, mesmerizing, but at the same time the most hurtful thing in the world one could experience.

Though this may not be something that everyone hates nor despise, it may be to some. How you feel and experience love is really all up to you. If you wish to see love as something wonderful and a source of happiness, so will it be. However, if you wish to see it otherwise, so will it be as well.

Most of you now will definitely be refuting and stating that ‘of course everyone wishes to see love as something wonderful and everything happy that could possibly relate to it.’ However, you might not be the one who infuses the source of sadness and pain. It could be the other party; your partner, friend or family, who induces this source of sadness. When such things happen, you yourself, voluntarily or not, will then turn to see love as something to be afraid of.

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes ‘the person you love the most is the person you hurt the most.’ I think this is true as it goes both ways. Since you care so much about that person, whatever he or she does (even the tiniest bit) that is actually not a very big deal if others were to do the same thing, would hurt you the most.

For me to summarize love in this small text is both literally and textually impossible (wait, they’re the same aren’t they? XD) Even so, I do believe that He has created everything in pairs; where there is the sky, there is the earth or sea. Life and death, rich and poor, sick and healthy, old and young, guys and girls, light and darkness, patience and impatience, husband and wife, parents and children, tree top and it’s roots, cats and dogs, and the list goes on. You could even see pairs in yourself; your right and left hand, legs, ears, eyes, nose (the nostrils hehe) and even your brain (left and right side). The only things that do not have it’s pairs are your mouth and your heart. In one way or another, we are also destined to have a partner in this world.

According to an authentic hadith, Eve was made from one of Adam's ribs. (though it is not stated in the Qur'an);

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “Treat women kindly. Woman has been created from a rib and the most bent part of the rib is the uppermost. If you try to turn it straight, you will break it. And if you leave it alone, it will remain bent as it is. So treat women kindly.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

Some had stated that since Eve was made from Adam, women (this is a general statement) must then obey men as we are made from men. This statement is definitely irrevelant to me. I have heard a very interesting counter statement which is much more relevant and just in this world; Eve was made from Adam's rib for a reason. She wasn't made from his foot, nor from his head. She was made from the rib, as it is near the heart, and she was meant to be beside Adam, not above nor below. (this is nice, isn't it?)

Well, back to the pairing stuffs! Some said that if we had two mouths instead of one, it would be a catastrophe (we talk of nonsense much much more) and have you ever wondered why we only have one heart? Could it possibly be that the other belongs to our partner?

Well, even I could not say whether or not this is true, but I did forget to mention; love and hatred. One could not possibly exist without the other; therefore if you wish for one, you must be prepared to face the other!

It might not be easy at times, but I am sure the reward will be more than what you expect, insya-Allah =)

And do not forget, if you never tell your feelings for someone, he or she may never know. Yes, it is very true that actions speak louder than words, but nothing beats the most powerful sentence of all; I love you =)


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