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Ego, and Islam

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. :)

-"eeee, kamu ni ego btol!"~**
"You have such a big ego."
"Jgnla ego sgt, nnt diri sendirik jugak yg rugi."


We often hear these statements at times, usually from one friend to another, giving a little piece of advise that is sometimes heard, somewhat heard, or totally ignored and continuing being egoistic :P

however, what does ego actually mean?

According to (kuikuikui) there are a few meanings;
= our own 'image' of ourself, or a thinking of ourself that distinguishes us from the others.

Rather complicated, aite? But I think this definition fits it best:

a.k.a. ego itu= Pentingkan diri! *sila2kan tepuk pipi anda yg gebu2 tak pon yg kurus2*

You could also relate ego very closely to Pride.
*somehow terigt Prime Optimus from Transformers, or Pride from The lion king (ade ke?) okie sila ignore :P*

*just randomly searching the word pride and found the cover of a graphic novel:colored comic. Looks very interesting! :)*

Anyhow, having ego/pride is not a really good thing most of the time;

"Pride is dissatisfaction with the truth, and belittling the people." [Hadith in Muslim]

"Indeed, He does not love the proud." [The Quran - an-Nahl (16):23]

"So enter the gates of Hell to dwell therein. Indeed evil is the abode of the proud. [ The Qur'an - An-Nahl (16):29]

There you go! To be brutally straight with you guys..
Jgnla egoistic/sombong/riak/berlagak atau yg sewaktu dgnnya.. Tamo ke Allah sygkan korang? (dlm Qur'an ckp nih :P) Ke korang mmg mo masuk neraka? (huuuuuuuu tamooooo)

abode by the way, is staying there more than temporarily. *i.e. proud jd evil, evil masuk itu api2. oooooohhhhh T.T

-"Eeee tamo la jd egoistic, or sombong2 pride nih. nnt Allah tak syg n masuk neraka plak tu! Rugi2.."
Alhamdulillah if you are thinking so right now :)

Tapiiii, egoistic is something that is not always portrayed on the outside of someone. Sometimes, it is something so subtle and silent that lurks within us, that only we and Allah knows that it is there. That it exist in our hearts.

That we have this EGO, that not everyone can see.

*Unless you portray the ego n everyone says u r egoistic, hopefully you do agree with them or you are in a HUGE denial and this might bring problems to you :)*

Well, if you are wondering if you have an EGo, regardless of it being subtle or not, feel free to watch this video by Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan.

He points out what you should look for if you do have an ego, and also ways to overcome it :)

Don't be afraid to watch it, as I know it will only bring great benefit to you :)
Go ahead and find out whether you have an ego or not, or if you know that you already have one, look for how to overcome them in this video.

Do you know that you have an ego?
Because I surely do have one :)

If you do not really have the time to watch the whole video (I highly recommend that you do though :D) I did wrote down important points on the whole talk. I will copy and paste those points here, but it might not make perfect sense as it is just the main points that I managed to catch from the talk :)

But if it helps, I will still post them.

Let us fight our ego, for His love, and for our Loved ones too :')

Islam and Ego
Frustrated with people around even within your family
Among friends too
Didn’t have the same journey like us
Prove them wrong
Amar makruf nahi mungkar
Want to show who is superior
Express superiority
Like others don’t know the religion
promote the ego
religion is to humble ourselves!
youth and elders
we are created for worship
religious honor (Adam a.s.)
you don’t get money or car for religious titles
you think deen depends on us
HE doesn’t need us
death comes anytime
Allah has been taking care of our family
Ego comes when we do not appreciate who Allah really us
We appreciate ourselves instead
inside there’s an ego
If we look down on another muslim: QIBR= ARROGANCE
mustard seed/molecule of arrogance, no jannah!
our evil action: inwardly
has punishment
inwardly more harder to fix because we can’t see it
Think of ourselves
counseling of religion Is for ourselves first
rights of husband and wife, parents
but to serve Allah!
on judgement day, a sound heart
To check if you have ego: if somebody corrects you, you get upset: who is he to tell me?? If this is your first reaction=ego!
think of the good
leave the rest
if feel the need to give opinion, feel offended if not taken; EGO
give for Allah sakes, you got credit already by doing so (pahala)
check yourself
HIDDEN EGO: problemmm
heart ego, heart becomes hard
no longer moved by the ayah in Qur'an, solat
words of Allah not enough to shake you? - focusing on someone's tajwid being incorrectly pronounced
in private, prob, outside okie
private life, turns into someone else
monster inside
nobody can fix it for you!
muscles feel weak, heart feel overpowered by the fear of Allah
Quran came down from the truth
after a long time, religion became a routine, not something that moves the heart
easy to become hard-hearted
become corrupt
you were a party animal too hahaha
very edge of the fire
got pulled back
Allah's favor to you!
don’t look at others like that
wipe out all the goodness out of you
sincerety, you will address the concern to that person
giving life to earth (ayah)
can give life to your heart again
it is possible :)
Remember Allah often?
not only dzikr
if thoughtless, it’s not dzikr!
thank and praise Allah, Alhamdulillah
when you mean it, it’s something else :)
should be uncomfortable with praises by others
put yourself down
give your doa
because you are boosting EGO if you tell someone praises
somebody talks real bad to you
good way to put your ego down
think of it as a gift from Allah, gift of humility
different attitude! :) (optimism!)
learn to serve people for Allah
keep it gradual
get right intention
get credit from Allah :)
results is by Allah
life becomes so much easier then
intentions are not made once
can get rusty
keep fixing it!

find better people
Learn to keep your mouth shut (shaatappp :P)
see something bad, think of something to help them without hurting them
change heart first, will eventually change behavior
only can remind them
Prophet pbuh
remind them, it’s gonna have benefit
reminds so many times
we may not see the benefit
sincere reminder
you get the benefit
words from you, effect from Allah
syura42, alimran
they didn’t disagree with each other until knowledge came
knowledge in religion
urge to dominate over each other
to inflate their ego
this is a horrible crime
they would have been punished immediately
ego on road, people cuts you
EGO is worship of themselves
alimran: in position of leadership
special mercy of Allah
if you were arrogant to them, they would have dispersed from you
sahabat running away from prophet
Not run away because truth
but because of TOUGH and HarsH approach
prophet is the most amazing leader
everyone should be able to give counsel
learn to be more tolerant
different ways of saying it (advises in a more soft way :D)
Forgive them, ask Allah to forgive them when you’re asking forgiveness for yourself
ask their opinion
Allah commanded him to AsK their opinions
Allah is the key to success
Lailahaillallah brings us closer from the bonds of blood
make best of your ability while knowing the results are in Allah hands
get people advised by others, 3rd party
old friendly person saw two people fighting, kept distance if abusive language to you and they will feel it
silent advice

*Assalamualaikum :)

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  1. ego is nasur. we live in miseries just because of our ego trips