Thursday, February 17, 2011

SOC 001

Assalamualaikum! :)

Just a quick heads up to any readers out there about future posts that I will be posting in this blog :)

I am currently taking an introductory class to sociology; SOC 001. Part of this class includes responding to blog posts posted in the World in Conversation website. I find the blog posts by my lecturer and the TAs on the blog is very2 interesting! I will try to save my comments on those blogs and reblog them here.

I really liked that these blogs are indeed sensitive issues that not everyone would know or talk about daily. And to some extent, I know that some of these issues might be important on how we view life, how we view others, and basically, on how we think.

Feel free to browse through those blogs, but what I will copy and paste in my blog here are entirely my own comments on those blogs. Hence you do not have to take in on everything that I have commented :) But please do feel free to have a look on those blogs, and tell me what you think; what is your own comment on the issue? :)

I think I already posted one regarding the soldiers suicide once they get back from wars.

Look out for further posts! :)

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