Thursday, April 14, 2011

Religion Dying Out?

Reading this article certainly made me devastated of the fact that there are indeed more and more people losing their faith in God, losing their faith in religion.

Based on what we have discussed in class, I would completely agree that managing a larger group of people is definitely much more challenging than managing a smaller group of people; this does not only apply to religion, but it could be applied to simply about anything at all. A bigger company with more employees under it faces more challenges to manage their employees compared to a smaller company. The more people present in a certain religious group, the harder it is for the pastor, imam, or head of the religion for that area to be able to reach the people's heart.

Most of the people that I know of who is no longer a believer of a 'superior being', or sometimes do not agree with religions that has been presented to them, are actually just people just like you and I.

They are the people who are brave enough to question the rules of a religion, to question who is God? And we as human beings, being curious beings as well, have the right to do so.

I am also not an exception myself.

Being born into a Muslim family, I was raised as a Muslim with the basics knowledge of Islam. I never did question about the religion since everyone was doing it; it was considered a 'norm' back home. However, as I grew older, just like any other teenagers and young adults, we begin to seek answers to our questions, to our curiosity. However, it was not an easy road to travel on, as I was afraid of taking the wrong turn.

Coming to the U.S., I could sincerely say that I have found Islam here, more than I did back home where majority of the population were Muslims. So far, I have found nothing but answers to my questions. Even though it is not as simple as getting all the answers I want in a day, but all my questions so far has met the righteous answers.

I dare to say that I found Islam here is because when you are out of your waters and travel onto another land, you will be able to see how strong your faith is and to what extent do you believe in yourself, believe in a superior being called God. I am free to not practice my religion, I am free to throw my faith away as it is not the 'norm' over here, and no one is there to prevent you from taking the wrong or right steps. It is all up to you.

Hence, I would certainly encourage everyone to keep your hearts and mind open. Do question what you think is not right, and be brave enough to take one step further to find the truth. I am confident that if you have the intention of finding the truth and not simply to find facts to say that 'My religion is right, your religion is wrong!' or 'You will go to hell and I will go to heaven!', you will definitely find the truth with a good heart, God willing :)

I truly believe that if someone is telling the truth of something good, there is nothing to hide about the truth, there is nothing to be ashamed of the truth, as it is indeed nothing to be hidden, and should be told to every single person in the world.

No one on earth has the right to say that someone is going to hell and heaven, or judge a person just by his or her actions alone. Only He could judge on that day. As the saying goes, 'hate the sin, not the sinner'.

I admit, that I do not have much knowledge about other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism or any religion. Hence, I do not have the right to criticize other religions and condemn them to hell, as only He knows who will be sent to heaven. Even Muslims, like myself, are not safe from the fires of hell if we commit a lot of sins. He will only judge us humans on the Day of Judgement, so who are we to judge others?

However, I am glad to know that the more I question about my religion, the more I find the answers. I hope that everyone out there will do to. :)

For me, religion is a part of my life, and it is the food to our souls. I noticed that the more you deny the existence of a superior being, the more unsettling your life would be. It is true that one could still be a good human and do good to others in the world, but they will always be in conflict and feel unsettled whenever God comes into a conversation. I personally feel that if we are indeed right about all religions, why are we always feeling so unsettled about it if we are so sure that God does not exist?

I urge you to investigate the religions out there, find people who has knowledge about the religion, people who are willing to share with you their religion and are not afraid to tell you the truth, and conclude your research based on your findings. God willing, you will find the right answer.

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