Saturday, July 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :)

Long time no write! :p

I apologize for my Manglish (Malaysian English), but this post is to actually address this very same issue :)

From now on, I will try my very best to post anything on this blog in both of my core languages; English and Malay. This is mainly because there are things that I post that I would like everyone to be able to read and understand (mainly English), but there are also things that are important that I know some readers would understand better if I were to write it in Malay. Hence, I will do my best to post any of my personal posts in both languages, Insya-Allah! :) But I would like to apologize in advance as my stronger language is indeed English ;p

*how we Malaysians have a huge variety of languages = rojak :p*

This is also a good exercise for me; your language or writing skills tends to get messed up when you mix them with other languages (for instance, Manglish :P) so I am also determined to improve my means of communication with you guys! :) so it’s a win-win situation! :D

However, there might be exceptions where if I were to copy and paste other people’s blog/posts/article, there might not be a translation as the original is always better in this case :)

With that being said, I apologize for not posting for a very long time! But I will soon, insya-Allah! :D (even though there aren’t that many readers that comes to visit my blog every now and then ;p) Oh and please do note that the English-Malay versions of my posts ARE NOT direct translations! :D *I tend to add and reduce certain areas, so they will not be exactly the same, but the main message will still be the core :)*

Till next time! :)

*Malay version :)*


Waah da lame kan tak tulis kat blog ni? ;p Maap2 yek da lama tak menulis kat blog nih! :D insya-Allah nnt akan ade update2 yeeek, amin! :)

Di sini kami ingin beritahu bahawa insya-Allah untuk post2 yg akan dtg, akan kami post dlm dua bahasa utama; English dan BM :) Ini adalah kerana ada post2 yg kami ingin semua org di dunia dpt membacanya dan memahaminya (pakai English la kat sini kn? :D) tetapi ade juga post2 yg kami rasa lebih senang difahami bila baca dlm BM (kdg2 baca English sakit kepala jgak kn klu tak paham XD) jd kerana itu, insya-Allah kami akan usahakn sedaya upaya untuk post ape2 post dlm dua2 bahasa! :)

Kami buat mcm ni pon untuk bantu diri sendiri jgak dlm penguasaan dwibahasa nih :D sbb selalu juga post blog2 nih dlm bahasa Manglish (campur English dgn BM, tp English lebih kuat la :p). Lama-kelamaan jadi lemah la juga penguasaan bahasa ni. Insya-Allah, dgn berbuat begini kita akan sama2 mendapat manfaatnya! :)

*Kami ingin terlebih dahulu meminta maap kerana BM bukanlah bahasa yg kami berjaya kuasai sepenuhnya. Insya-Allah, pada suatu ari nnt! :)*

Oh2 untuk post2 yang kami copy paste dari blog2 orang lain, atau article atau dr mane2 sahaja, kemungkinan besar tidak akan dialihkan bahasa asalnya sbb lagi best dlm bahasa original kn? :) tapi sekiranya mampu, insya-Allah kami akan cuba translatekan juga :)

Stakat ini sahaja! :)

Assalamualaikum! :)

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