Friday, October 23, 2009

My rings, my bags..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t. =)

Let's continue with the title of this blog, shall we? stuffed toys, my drawing books, my keychains, my accessories, my PSP, ipod touch..

Adoi byk plak kn, tak abis2 nnt list ni XD

Well, you might have figured out already what the list above implies to me.
Yup2, those are the things that I really like, or somewhat the things you can say that are my favs or considered 'important' to me.

Hehe, since this would be another 'seriuos' blog that I will post, let's make this one more interactive! =D
Go on, take a paper or open up Microsoft word, and list down all the important Things to you in your life =)

I'll give u a minute or two.. Take your time aite? =)

*all u have to do is actually scroll down once u're down haha adoi*





























Okie, da abis da? =)

Alright, let's go through your list, shall we?

Since I do not have any telephatic powers or such, here are a few questions for you to answer based on your list XD :

How many things that you have listed down are alive? How many are of non-living items? (you don't have to count them out, just take note of them XD)

Of the many living things, are they your friends, family, loved ones or pets?

Of the non-living items, are they something that you use daily? Something so convenient to you that you can't live without?


You may have noticed that the things that I listed above~ are indeed just Things. The non-living ones. Harta Dunia.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you have indeed listed your loved ones and families or friends =) *buk3

Alhamdulillah, if you had even listed Allah or Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. or both in your list. =)

If you had listed a few non-living items that are important to you~ laptop, handphone, backpack, wallet, $$ etc etc, fear not I will not hit you with anything for listing them XD
But let's review them, shall we? =)

Out of the non-living items that you have listed..
What would you do if one day, it goes missing or someone stole it?

Would you be really2 upset?
or would you be... aAAaaaaa takleh hidup la klu tak jumpa!!

Would you throw a tantrum or brush off all your friends that day because you simply could not find it anywhere?

If your answer is that you'll be a little bit upset, then that is fine.
If your answer is yes yes yes I will be very very upset!! Mahal tu beli laptop pastu rosak tibe2...

.. =)

You might already be able to figure out the main point of this blog by now.
Cinta pada harta dunia. The love for worldly things.

I am not trying to imply that I am 1000000% tak suke langsung to any worldly things, or not dependent on them at times. Yes, I might be upset if my laptop tibe2 rosak and I can't do any assignments if I could not connect to the internet at all.

However, I do try to reduce my dependency and love for them.

There was this one incident, that made me realize this very important point in our lives.

Alhamdulillah, Allah has blessed my family with more than enough rezeki. Whatever we would want, we are able to get.
Alhamdulillah, ini adalah rezeki Allah.
Even so, alhamdulillah once again, my siblings and I do not misuse this great gift of Him.

We do not glamorize ourselves. We do not show off the extra things that we are able to get from His blessings to others. We do not suppress the poor simply because they had lesser rezeki than we did.

To be frank, my siblings and I are actually quite kedekot (kedekot bertempat) and yes, we do go OMG MAHAL GILA when we see a branded shirt, which has only like 3 lines of pattern and tagged at RM80++++
We do go OMG to branded watches of 100+, shoes, handbags that could even reach 500+++
And yes, we do have our moments of;

Wah cantiknya this baju!
*flips price tag*
Jom carik baju laen!!!


Alhamdulillah, I am very glad that my siblings and I, despite being able to be spendthrift and live a luxurious life with our more-than-enough rezeki, we do not do so.
In fact, we do go for buy 1 free 1 stuffs~ OMG murahnya jom beli!! XD

Even so, we sometimes do not realize that we are attached to certain worldly things. As the saying always goes, you will only realize the value of something or someone, when you lose it or him or her.

I had this gameboy color back in the days, and I really liked it. (maen game mana tak suke kn? XD)

But somehow, I left it in the backpocket of the carseat. I think I forgot to take it out when we went somewhere, and had left it there for a few weeks as school was going on and I did not have the time to play it.

One day, that very car of my father's was almost stolen by some carjacker. My father parked the car (note that it was a Proton Saga, not a fancy2 car) at the parking lot for Friday's prayers, and when he got back to the car, his briefcase was missing.

*couldn't find a blue proton saga, but it was this shape XD

Thankfully his briefcase that he left in the car only had unimportant documents. No money or important items. But since the housekeys were in the briefcase, my father had to change the locks in our home.
I couldn't remember whether the car had a broken window or such, but it was obviously broken in by someone, and thankfully, due to a lock at the pedal and steering wheel, the thief was not able to steal the car.

My father got back and told us about the incident, changing the house lock and all.

Then something struck me.

My Gameboy! Could it be..

I went into the car to check the backseat pocket.
And yup, it was gone.
Sempat plak dia nak curik gameboy!! XD
Well I guess since he couldn't steal the car, he ransacked the car for anything that he could find. Cisss pencurik! XD

From that very incident, I realized on how upset I was when I noticed it was gone.
However, I wasn't even really playing it everyday before it was stolen.
So how could I be so upset despite my frequency of using the item?
Imagine what it would be like, if I actually lost something that I really really used everyday and needed so desperately.

Another good example of something I value very much; my drawings. I used to get really really upset when I was drawing something with so much commitment and care, when my sister would simply push my hand with the pen and ssiiiiiikkk~ there goes my drawing! (arghhhhh!!!!!! XD)

I would either cry or get into a fight with my sister.

How ignorant I was back then.
Drawings.. As well as other worldly things, are indeed just things.
Is my sister so much less important that I am willing to scold her for ruining a sheet of paper with just a cartoon drawn over it with ink?

My papers and books of comics and drawings also made me realize..

If you would just grab them all and throw them into a burning fire,..
That's it.
They will be gone. Just like that.

Hours and hours of effort, years of drawing..
They could all be destroyed in an instant.

I guess my mother really knows that I like rings, the cheap ones; stainless steel XD
Even so, whenever one would go missing, I would search for it frantically.

Senang betul cincin sebegitu untuk hilang. Despite it's cheap value (compared to gold or diamond rings XD), I still searched high and low whenever one goes missing.

From both the incident, and my long poundering of all my worldly things.. On how easily they could be gone, either stolen, burned, dikoyakkan, or simply goes missing as you might have misplace it somewhere or tercicir tengah2 jalan,..

Why should I be so upset on things that could go missing or be destroyed so easily?
I should love what is more important.
In this sense.. Our family, our friends, our brothers and sisters, including all muslims and the non-muslims. Humankind.

And what matters the most, the love for what is PERMANENT and could never be destroyed, will never go missing no matter how many times you forget them.

Allah S.W.T.
His prophet, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Why not love Him.. For He will never let us down by going missing, though we may not see him with our eyes.
If we believe that wind exists thought we could not see it, what makes Allah any different? What more He is the creator of that very wind.

Yes, he might give us Tests during our lifetime. But they are only to make us improve ourselves, be a better human being, be stronger, be more patient. He wants to see what we will do under these circumstances. Will we BLAME Him for our mishap, or seek his help with faith and making an effort to overcome the challenges?

Allah itu Maha Pemurah, dan Maha Penyayang..

Yes, He is capable of being angry at all the sinners and he could destroy them in an instant. BUT! His LOVE for all His creations is more than his anger. He could push aside his anger today, for His Great LOVE to you.
He still blesses you with his rezeki. He is still making your heart pump blood, your immune system work, your sanity, your eyes, hands, legs...

Why would they still work if He does not love you anymore?

Allahuakbar, betapa besarnya cintaMu ini pada ciptaan2Mu yang kerdil.

I have heard that the Love that we are experiencing here on earth, is only 1/100 of His Great Love.

Hence, I know that it might be impossible to be 100% not to love worldly items. But do try to reduce them =)
It is a normal thing for us to feel upset when we lose something. We are indeed, just human beings.
But have more love for Him than any other =) It will benefit you in so many ways, insya-Allah =)

I myself, get upset when I lose an item or two. But now, I am able to think and look at them in a different perspective..
Takpelah, tu sume harta dunia. Boleh beli baru, or lukis balik. Tak kisah pon =)

Alhamdulillah, I will not be able to come to this state without His permission and guidance.
I am able to see how unimportant wealth could be compared to other more important things, with being blessed with wealth.

I am still constantly praying to not fall in love too much with things that are not permanent~ as I am indeed very forgetful XD
Insya-Allah, you and I will be able to overcome this until the Day of Judgement, together =)

In my personal opinion, even other living things are not permanent as well, though they are indeed much more important than non-living things. Our families, friends and pets will one day return to Him. We are all going to leave this world. The only difference is how and when, which not all of us know, and not all of us will share the same fate.

Hence, I am loving my family and friends, by loving Him.

Everytime I feel very happy to be with my loved ones, I thank Him with all my heart. For I will not be able to feel this beautiful and wonderful love with my loved ones, if He did not create them in the first place. If he did not create me, as well.
If He did not create you, I wonder if the pieces of my heart would have floated away, into the dark deep ocean. Never to come back, nor recover..

Alhamdulillah. Ya Allah, hamba ini sangat bersyukur... Let me love the people that you have created and given me, by loving and appreciating You.

I love you, very very much.


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